High Pressure Washers Catalogue
Cold Water High Pressure Washers

The IPC family of Cold high pressure washers is designed to deliver maximum performance and cover the wildest possible range of applications in all areas of use. IPC cold water high pressure washers are equipped with "IPC Power Pump" and specially designed for professional use in even the most demanding applications.

Hot Water High Pressure Washers

IPC provide wide range of hot water pressure washers for all type of use and application. IPC exclusive "IPC Powe Pump" crankshaft pumps give these models the power to handle even the toughest job, while robust "IPC Power Boil" Boilers guarantee unrivalled performance under all operating condtions. All IPC pressure washers are easy to mantain. just lift the cover and all serviceable components are ready accesible.

Engine Driven High Pressure Cleaner

IPC Engine-Driven High pressure Cleaner provide flexibelity and performance for cleaning application where electrical supply is not available. The machines are equipped with robust pump and reputable engine to provide reliability and productivity in various application.