Single Disc polisher IPC Single Disc Polisher is designed to provide ergonomic and comfort to the user, yet provide reliability and durabilit for long hours usage. IPC also provide wide range of accesories to cater different kind of applications and mantain variety types of floor.
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Order Code IPC030001 IPC030002
Model SD 43 SD 43-400
Working Width mm 430 430
Operating Speed rpm 165 400
Operating Height mm 150 190
Power Supply 220-240V-50Hz 220-240V-50Hz
Weight kg 35 45
Solution Tank (Optional) I 12.5 12.5
Weight Kg 88 105
Dimension (LxWxH) mm 500x1160x320 500x1160x320
Standard Accesories
Brush 1 -
Pad Holder 1 1
Pad (Medium) 1 1