Ride-on Scrubber Dryers Ride-on scrubber dryers is designed to clean and mantain larger floor space. IPC Ride-on scrubber scrubber provides ergonomic design for user safety, comfort, productivity and high performance result IPC scrubber comes with vast range of option and accesories to clean different type of floor and dirt.
Order Code IPC020006 IPC020007 IPC020008 IPC020009
Model CT70 RIDER BT60 CT110 BT60 CT110 BT85 CT160 BT95
Scrubbing Width mm 600 600 850 950
Suction Width mm 815 815 1010 1100
Productivity (max speed) m2/hr 2700 3900 5525 6175
Solution Tank l 70 110 110 145
Recovery Tank l 75 115 115 170
Power Supply 24V(2x12V) 24V(280 Ah) 24V(280 Ah) 36V
Weight Kg 100 209 231 292
Dimension (LxWxH) mm 1395Xx671x960 1504x722x1201 1504x909x1201 1720x885x1360
Standard Accesories
Brush 1disc 1disc 1disc 1disc
Squegee 1set 1set 1set 1set
Battery Included Included Included Included