Hot Water High Pressure Washers IPC provide wide range of hot water pressure washers for all type of use and application. IPC exclusive "IPC Powe Pump" crankshaft pumps give these models the power to handle even the toughest job, while robust "IPC Power Boil" Boilers guarantee unrivalled performance under all operating condtions. All IPC pressure washers are easy to mantain. just lift the cover and all serviceable components are ready accesible.
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Order Code IPC010005 IPC010006 IPC010007 IPC010008 IPC010009
Model PW-H30 D13104P M PW-H40 D13104P M PW-H40 D1915P T PW-H80 D2017P T PW-H90 D1912P T
Pressure Bar 40-130 40-130 40-190 40-200 40-190
Flow Rate I/hr 300-600 300600 450-900 500-1000 650-1300
Power kW 3 3.3 5.5 7.2 8.7
Voltage Ph-V-Hz 1-230-50 1-230-50 3-400-50 3-400-50 3-400-50
Speed RPM 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400
Detergent Tank I 8 20 20 25 16.5
Weight Kg 88 105 109 155 210
Dimension Cm 98x67x81 105x75x90 105x75X90 109x70x87 131x77x95
Control Total Stop D Total Stop D Total Stop D Total Stop ITS Total Stop ITS
Standard Accesories
HP HOSE Meter 10 10 10 10 15
Trigger Gun Handgrip Handgrip Handgrip Handgrip+eXT Handgrip+Ext
Lance Extension Inox Extension Inox Extension Inox Double Inox Double Inox